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As a soccer player with the Our Club, you have made a commitment to yourself, your teammates, your coaches, this club, the community and soccer. You have a responsibility to represent this club in a positive fashion at all times.

1. Maximum effort, attention, and commitment is required in all practices and games.

2. Respect for teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials is required.

3. Fair play, sportsmanship, and a respect for the spirit of the game is required.

4. Commitment to your own improvement is required, both at practice and outside of practice.

5. Regular attendance at practices and games is required. Communicate directly to the coach when you will be late or absent as early as you can.

6. Appropriate attire is required at all team and club functions:

   a. Practice- shinguards, cleats, no jewelry, Our Club practice wear, no revealing clothing.

   b. Games- all uniforms, shin guards, cleats, no jewelry, no revealing clothing.

  c. Other functions- no revealing clothing, nothing referencing alcohol, drugs, sex, or violence. Nothing otherwise inappropriate.

7. Positive relationships must be maintained with all team members.




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